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I'm a BIG THINKER, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Investor. 18 years as a corporate consultant, coach and realtor has positioned me to help other lady entrepreneurs and side hustlers build lean, profit focused businesses.

My company, Lady Smarts, is a space for open minds and elevated conversations that deliver on the promise of simple, elegant and sustainable success solutions for women at every career stage.

WOMEN are creating the new models for leadership, success, making money and changing the WORLD.

Lady Smarts is a place to join the MUST-HAVE conversations about our future and the importance of the decisions we make today to impact our leadership, our passions and relationships.

Right now, as everything around us is rapidly transforming, we have a great opportunity to change and untangle ourselves from the “traditional” world of work. We have the unique opportunity to reinvent our OWN versions of success and break from the systems, structures and success metrics we previously relied upon.

My coaching ranges from "Concept to Cash-Flow in 90 Days" for 6-figure start-ups to "Systems That Scale" for the 7-8 figure lady founders.

I believe, that with practical and systematic processes, we can create our own steady rhythms of High Performance and can actually enjoy the pursuit of excellence without fear of burning out. We can operate from "choice" instead of "have to".

From this former trailer park kid, to you... I know that looking inward and being really true to ourselves— is the place in which we generate the power to create a profound and personal success model. The importance of it..

Your success model ultimately creates reach and impact that allow others to find their way as well. And, after all, isn't that what it's all about?

Forever rooting for you!


lisa bray
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